Breeding Programme




"Breeding the Difference"

Venison growth rates. We continue to develop this major trait within our deer herd, with encouraging results. Our German Herd for example, with Master sires such as Bonn, Wredeson Major & Red Baron leading the way and some of our weaners at weaning in February 2007 topping out at 90kg. Yearling spikers have achieved weights up to 155kg and 2 year olds to 253kg. However we are not over emphasising DBV and keep velvet and trophy antler as important traits.

By identifying specific lines of deer for velvet production, we are constantly improving the performance per animal to improve not only the production levels per animal but also our overall production. As a result our velvet herd continues to grow with fast improving results.

The fastest growing component of our deer industry at present. Foveran’s commitment is to supply ourselves with high-end trophies, and also to supply elite trophy genetics into the deer farming community. The continued improvement of our trophy herd is rewarding us with some massive red deer trophy antler heads with long tyned heavy wide “wow” type configurations. Our German herd strategically crossed with European and English genetics has given us the opportunity to do that.

We continually manage and evaluate the herd for this important trait.

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